Free Web-based Rust RCON Client

Open RCON Client

This free Rust RCON client allows you to act as a Rust Admin and utilise the resources allocated to such a power. This is a web-based admin tool which operates client-side, and has been designed exclusively for use by Rust server owners. What we’ve got here is a Rust admin tool which utilises Websockets.

The whole system is easy to use if you want to learn how to setup Rust RCON. What is an RCON? The term is an acronym referring to a “Remote Console” system. Basically when you use an RCON client, you can do whatever you need to remotely.

The system itself utilises a Source RCON Protocol. This type of protocol is a TCP/IP variant, which Rust and various other source servers all use. To put it another way, you’re tapping in at the source, and getting the same administrative tools that admins would use in their experiences.

Using an RCON administration tool lets you control everything with more precision. You’ve got the necessary tools to do whatever you need to, and creative freedom remains solely at your fingertips. By its very definition, Rust is an interesting and fairly unique game, so it is interesting to see how people handle changing some of the different aspects of it.

Still, this is a good client, and you get plenty of options with regards to what you want to do and when. It’s nice to have all the options available. Take a look at what is on offer here now.

Open RCON Client